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Our Blade Style Spatula was designed to give the most versitility out of a single kitchen utensil. It will quickly become your go-to kitchen utensil for the most basic of cooking needs. Use it for frying meats, flipping and also great for stirring sauces and plating food. 


With a center balanced weight, there are 3 comfortable ways to grip the tool to get control specific on various tasks. The thumb notch and flat section of the blade when gripped all give good reference to the face of the spatula and therefore you feel what is going on with the task you are performing. The curve of the blade assists getting under food to be lifted or flipped and aids the shuffling of food with intention, responding like an extension of your body. The blade can be scraped off easily on the edge of a pan and set down with little mess as the tip is elevated from the counter when laid flat.


Maple hardwood is an awesome wood to use in the kitchen as it is naturally antimicrobial. Our spatulas won’t scratch the surface of fine bake-ware or cookware. It doesn’t heat up like metal spoons or introduce chemicles into the food that you cook.


Our flame blackening process uses fire to blacken the wood, which is then further processed leaving only the color and feeling silky and smooth. It is then dipped in mineral oil to condition it and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. There are no lacquers or stains used, therefore no chemicals will be leached into your food.

Blade Style Spatula - Flame Blackened Canadian Maple

SKU: 21354654
  • Length - 12"

    Width - 2 1/4"

    Hight - 3/4"

    Weight - 

    Medium - Solid Canadian Maple

    Finish - Flame Blackened, Sanded, Mineral Oil

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